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F1 Ceramic BB. F1 Ceramic is a worldwide leader in ceramic bottom bracket bearing technology. We've been making ceramic bottom brackets since the early 2000's and have provided ceramic bottom brackets to racers all over the world!

Each and every ceramic bottom bracket is 100% Handbuilt in the USA at the time you place your order.

In today's cycling world, picking the correct BB for your bike has become extremely complicated! We've broken down our bottom bracket categories into each type of bottom bracket available. All you need to do is find out what bottom bracket type your frame uses (usually available at the manufacturer's website) and click the link above for the corresponding bottom bracket. Then find the crankset you use.

For example, if your frame is BB30 and you ride a Shimano Dura Ace 9000 crank, you would choose BB30 Ceramic Bottom Brackets>F1 Ceramic BB for BB30/Shimano 10/11 Conversion. Or, let's say you have an English Threaded Frame and a SRAM (GXP) crankset. You would choose English Ceramic Bottom Brackets>F1 Ceramic BB for SRAM (GXP) Road - BSA.

If you are confused or need help, please contact us and let us know what model/year frame you ride and what crankset you use.

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