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Quality, Precision and Speed

In 1990 I received my first skateboard and it ignited a love affair with bearings. I found them fascinating, yet simple pieces of machinery. Before long I was taking apart the wheel bearings, down to the individual parts, and rebuilding them using different lubes and steel balls. I had one set for downhill, one for street and one for ramps. I learned how to tweak the bearings for the maximum amount of speed. Before long all the skaters in the neighborhood were coming to my house asking me to tweak their bearings. Little did I know this would lead me to starting my own bearing company years later.

Fast forward a few years to the late 90's. I had stopped skating and had moved on to bikes. Naturally I had the same thoughts about my bike's bearings. I stripped my wheels and BB of their bearings and got to work. At first I was simply cleaning and re-lubing (depending on the situation I'd use heavy grease for training or oil for racing). This was a nice performance boost on race day, the oil allowed the bearings to spin with virtually no resistance.

In 2000 I started offering hand built steel bearings to local racers.  Word got out about my bearings and soon I was shipping them around the world.  When ceramic balls became widely available I began building a few bearings with ceramic balls and supplying them to select customers to see if they noticed a difference.  Instantly I got emails asking if I had a new grease or why did the bearings seem faster.  This convinced me that ceramic bearings were the future.

So after a few years of experimenting to determine what would make the best ceramic bearing (race hardness, grease thickness, seal type, etc.) I stopped offering steel bearings and switched to ceramic full time.  My customers were thrilled and I suddenly had a business that was becoming known all throughout cycling.

Today F1 Ceramic has become one of the most well known suppliers of bearings in the USA for cyclists looking for a way to increase speed.  No matter if you're a weekend warrior, club racer or professional, my bearings will improve your power transfer and help you ride FASTER!!.  Each and every bearing is still built by myself using my 28 years of experience.  

My prices are higher than my competitors.  The reason is simple.  I build each bearing by hand when you order using my 28 years of bearing experience.  Not only that, I source every part of the bearing from the USA.  The only parts not from the USA are my BB cups which come from Asia.  The other reason is that many competitors are selling re branded Chinese bearings. Don't get me wrong, China makes good bearings, the bearings in my Vitamix are from China and work wonderfully!  But, why spend $4000, $5000 or even $6000+ on a bike and use a $1 bearing marketed as being some sort of ceramic wonderbearing?  If you want a quality ceramic bearing, there is a cost associated with it.  Everything else is a waste of money.  If cost is your most important factor, F1 Ceramic bearings are not for you.

F1 Ceramic Bearings have been ridden in the Tour de France, Paris Roubaix, The Vuelta Espana, The World Championships (Road, Cross and MTB), The Olympics, numerous National Championships and just about every other large international race.  They come with a 7 year warranty for normal builds and a 10 year warranty for COATED builds.

All the best,

Matt Speer