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It's spring and that means spring cleaning.  After close to 8 years with our old e-commerce host it was time to dust things off and upgrade to a shiny new system!  I designed the new website to be simpler, easier to navigate and faster!  I've also tweaked a few other things.  All bearings now come built with Rocket Sauce!  You can still buy Turbo Grease in 10 ML tubes if desired.  In addition to offering Rocket Sauce as standard, I've upgraded the races again (I last tweaked them 2 years ago) for more durability.  Rather than spec them from my USA supplier, I am now grinding them myself for better control and quality!  Sounds boring, but it's a BIG upgrade having control myself.

Exciting news... all bearings now come with a standard 7 year warranty!  I've been making bearings for close to 30 years and making ceramic bearings now since 2000.  I've got a good idea on what causes bearing failure.  It's almost never a manufacturing defect, although that is what most warranties cover.  My old warranty listed the same boring manufacturer defect language while the few bearings I received for warranty failed due to poor maintenance and sometimes installation error.  I get it, you the customer don't expect issues and when they happen, you assume it was the bearings fault.  Makes sense.  Especially when your bike shop tells you the bearing failed, but doesn't take any blame for the installation or maintenance, no matter how poor.

More times than not, actually I don't ever recall a not, I would rebuild the bearings free of charge as a good will gesture.  I've even rebuilt countless competitors' bearings too, since I get a lot of emails complaining about them.

So, maybe I'm getting old and crazy, but with the launch of the new website I am offering an industry best (and first) 7 year warranty, covering EVERYTHING!  While you still want to make sure your bearings are installed correctly and you still want to maintain them properly, if you have a problem, any problem, no matter who's fault it is, just send the bearing back to me with a friendly note and I'll send back a new bearing!

Upgrade to my COATED bearing and I'll add 3 years and make it an even 10 year warranty! 

And don't worry about me being around in 10 years, unlike so many new comers, F1 Ceramic has been making bearings since 2000, on the web since 2003 and I've personally been making bearings since 1990 so you are in good hands!

Bought your bearings already and missed out on the new warranty?  No worries, you can extend your warranty for a small fee.  Click here to find out more!

Ride On!

Matt Speer
F1 Ceramic (Founder & Owner & used to be weekend racer, now mostly retired)