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BMX Ceramic Bottom Brackets

If you are not using ceramic bearings in your BMX race bike, you are at a disadvantage. The Ultimate Upgrade for BMX Racing. It's like getting FREE SPEED!!

By switching to the F1 Ceramic BB your cadence will increase due to the low friction in our bearings. A higher cadence means you generate more power and you are able to get up to speed faster while your competitors are left wondering what just happened!


"First off I would like to thank you again and F1 for everything! I have been riding my bearings for some time now and my wheels and BB spin ridiculously good! Just my second day on the wheels and they were rolling way better than my old Chris King bearings on my old hubs that I've been running for about 2 years. I was very impressed."


Thanks again, Best, Ryan Pettigrew, BMX, Former UCI World Champion and 6x National Champion