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COATED Bearings

Coated Bearings

Welcome to the Future! F1 Ceramic has released a new coated bearing option. We add a special coating to the races which reduces friction even further and increases longevity. It doesn't get better than that! Faster and more Durable! We top if off with just a small amount of Rocket Sauce and the end result is our FASTEST BEARING yet! The special coating process does not add any weight, does not require special races or balls and it can be done retroactively to any bearing!!

You can add the special coated upgrade as an option when choosing how we build your bearings. Under the "Which Grease should we build your bearings with?" option, simply choose COATED and we'll coat the races and make the fastest possible bearing for you!

Coated bearings is an available option when choosing how we build your bearings. We can also coat your previously purchased F1 Ceramic bearings OR... any other brand of ceramic or steel bearing! This is BIG, as you can optimize the bearings you have already bought in the past!