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A post shared by Guillaume (@guillaume_hc) on Nov 8, 2017 at 12:57pm PST



I received my BB order today and all I can say is WOW!!! I immediately noticed a difference in the F1 BB versus my relatively new well known brand BB. My 9x racer can't ever tell a difference in he bike changes I make but he definitely took notice of this change. Thanks so much for getting it to us in time for this weekends racing.

Best regards,


I've been involved in BMX racing for 20 years. At this point in my racing career in focused on working with the new generation of riders and coaching up and coming pros. Proper bike set up is something I am constantly preaching about and I swear by F1 Ceramic bearings and Rocket Sauce. I have been dialing in bearings for well over 12 years and there isn't a product as ready to go as yours. I feel like partnering with your company will help encourage others who are looking to take the next step in their program because in a 30 second race it's all about how well your bike rolls. I'm on the fastest bike I've ever ridden and it's all thanks to your bearings and grease.
Jack H, Marysville WA

I do like your products and really can tell the difference. My core riding buddies always point out that they "free fall" down hills faster than me with their steel bearings, but I point out two things: You are 20-30 lbs heavier, yet 3 inches shorter (not as much sail) and in the wind is not where these bearings shine. It's in the paceline where I can really feel it - get in the draft at 23 mph, and the wattage drops more than with steel bearings.

Thanks again Matt!

Don P
Victoria, TX


Just about to swap all the drive train on my bike as it's wearing out including the bottom bracket, one of yours. It may or may not have finally worn out but either way I thought you might like to know it's been going strong with zero maintenance for over tens years. Not too bad I think!

Kind regards,
Toby, United Kingdom


Hi Matt,

Thanks again for selling me the F1 Ceramic bearings for my Cervelo with Rotor cranks- they are super smooth- amazing!!
I just ordered spare rocket sauce so that I can maintain them properly.

Such a great product! Take care,



Hey Matt,

I thought I would share some information with you regarding the ceramic bearing. I am fortunate to have at my disposal a scanning electron microscope (SEM) so I took a magnified (1000X) image of a bearing.

The bearing is, (words can't explain how round) but the ceramic bearing shows not one peak or valley in the image I am attaching. For all piratical descriptions it is perfect in regards to roundness. I also captured the material composition and it shows mainly silicon plus some other elements.

Funny incident when I removed the bearing from the package using rubber gloves it landed on the table and was rolling around as if some outside force was interacting with it. At first I thought it was the high voltage from the SEM but realized that this is so round it just moved on its own and did so from the imperfections in the table top surface.

Any way enjoy the information.




The BB86 fit the Haro Clutch perfectly and cranks spin awesome!! Upgraded the bearings in the Box hubs too, Bearings are awesome as ever!

Anthony G, New Zealand


I'm happy to back on my board! thanks, your rocket grease works superb. I'll be recommending it to others.

Casey H, Newcastle WA


I couldn't ask for anything better rolling under me!

People often roll my wheels while my bike is flipped over at a race and 9 out of 10 times they will ask something about what I got going on in there. Haha.
As competition gets tougher every tenth of a second is needed. Whether it helps my performance or the mental aspect, definitely an advantage in some way.

- Ryan Pettigrew, BMX, Former UCI World Champion and 6x National Champion


I'm officially a believer in your product. I did the NY fondo 2 Sunday's ago, pouring rain the whole day, my Enduro ceramics in the rear crapped out and yours opened up. they only got better!

Joe B, NY


First off I would like to thank you again and F1 for everything! I have been riding my bearings for some time now and my wheels and BB spin ridiculously good! Just my second day on the wheels and they were rolling way better than my old Chris King bearings on my old hubs that I've been running for about 2 years. I was very impressed.

Thanks again.
Ryan Pettigrew, BMX, Former UCI World Champion and 6x National Champion


Last year I upgraded the wheels on my Cannondale Supersix EVO to the Mavic Ksyrium SR and installed F1 Ceramic Bearings. No doubt whatsoever that the ceramic bearing are an improvement!
Thank you, Tom S


I bought a F1 ceramic bottom bracket at the beginning of 2011 so I have almost 2 seasons on it. I have been trying to think of the best way to describe what the difference is and I came to the conclusion It is like pedaling a bike in outer space. There is Zero friction when I pedal. But the most noticeable for me is at the end of a long ride, my legs still feel fresh like I could go 100 miles. Great product.

Larry M


My first set now has 100 miles on it and it is very true about the break in period. They went from sluggish to lightning fast in a matter of 50 miles. The 6802's did fit in the Reynolds / DT Swiss 240s freehub and the whole set is smooth as silk. As soon as $ allows, I will be buying another set for my Reynolds 66 wheelset with the same DT Swiss Hubs. Thanks for a great product.

Kevin C
Ballwin, MO


Purchased an upgrade for the standard bearings on my Mavic Carbone SLR, and gave it about 30-40 Kms to break it in, significantly it gets better the more it gets used. (recommended on the website) true to every claim, these bearings are a serious upgrade for serious wheels, really worth the money and performance. I recommend to go over the website and see the logic behind its benefits. More power to the team at F1 ceramic bearings.

Kind regards,

Fortunato L
New Zealand


Regarding repeat order. The last order was for my Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL.

I have compared my new Zipp 404 firecrests with the Mavics and their F1 ceramic bearings, the difference is really noticeable.

I was very surprised because Zipp stainless steel bearing are "supposed" to be as good as third party ceramic bearings or so I have read on Zipps website!!

Thanks Guys, I look forward to seeing how the Zipps spin with your Ceramic bearings.



I have purchased the bottom bracket for the Shimano crankset, and I immediately noticed the difference. I really didn't think I would notice anything, because the Shimano Saint cranks were also new. I had the Shimano bottom bracket on first, rode that for a bit, and then replaced it with the F1 Ceramic bottom bracket. There was a huge difference!!. It was so much smoother. I also have the bearings on my Profile mini hub set and there is a difference.

Carlos Arroyo


My bottom bracket arrived today which was great (and not bad 8 days to get to Australia). The unit looks great and fitted into my bottom bracket beautifully, unlike the original Shimano that was always tight on the threads. I am really pleased with the result, not only does it look good ( and I have spent more than 20 years in machine shops ) it performs noticeably better than the one it replaced. Can't wait to take it on a long ride this weekend!

Cheers, Steve, Australia


I weighed the Ceramic BB and it is 96 grams 15 grams lighter then the Sram GXP Black box bearing which failed after only a year. Great fast service and great product.

Ben H, Seattle WA


I change my Hubs bearing with the f1 ceramic and they're became lightning fast ! seriously you will recognize the difference when the first time you step your foot into the pedal!

Andrew, Indonesia


Wowie-Zowie... so smooth!

Title pretty much says it all. I upgraded my XTR hubs, which were NOT worn out by any means, and the ceramic balls were still a noticeable improvement. These things just, roll, and roll, and roll...

Customer Service was A+
Ante Supe from Glen Oaks, NY


Just installed my F1 BB90 bottom bracket . Absolutely amazing ! Blows other bearings out of the water !

Thanks ! John, Lansdale, PA



I recently purchased a set of F1 bearings for a set of our BULLSEYE Pro hubs. They are Phenomenal.

They improved the roll and spin extremely well. There is no comparison to the stock bearings.

3 of our riders agreed, there is a noticeable advantage when switching from the standard OEM KBC bearings. We did side by comparisons on 2 different wheelsets and they just out performed almost ever bearing we tried.

Just wanted to pass you a note and testimonial. Your products are great.

The size for Bullseye hubs from 1973-2010 is 6001.

Many thanks
Christian Anthony


This summer I took a leap of faith and tried some F1 bearings. I first heard about F1 via cycling where they are a popular primo aftermarket upgrade for high end wheels, etc.

Ceramics for $70 and steel for $25. They both share the same premium parts. The only difference is in the actual bearings.

These have held up better than any other bearing I have tried. My F1 ceramics are as fast or faster than my friends Bones ceramics and have held up better. Much cheaper than Bones ceramics as well. The steel ones blow away every other steel bearing I have tried. Both took a few hours to break in.

I just cleaned and re-greased my ceramic set and they came apart and went back together easier than any other bearing I have used. Last summer I tried cleaning a set of Reds and they were completey FUBAR. Could be better tolerances or it could be dumb luck.

Just my 2 cents.....and no I don't work for F1 and I am not getting hooked up.

J Angeles


F1 Ceramic,

I purchased a pair of your bearings for my Shimano DXR cranks about a month ago and I am very impressed with how well they work. It is nice to finally see some advanced technology being implemented into BMX, I hope to see in my career more companies like yours taking our bikes to a new level.

Arielle Martin Verhaaren
2009 BMX UCI World Championships Bronze


We installed the ceramic BMX bottom bracket that we purchased from you, what a huge difference from our old steel bearings.


Roger D. Hines


Had my BB installed yesterday, not really expecting too much but man was I wrong. Never knew a bearing could make that much difference or that the one I had could cause that much friction. I haven't even ridden it yet but I can already see based on how easy it spins it will be a noticeable improvement. I don't suppose you offer ceramic bearings for ankles, knees, and hips do you? If not you might want to consider it!


Got my BMX bearings for my bike. They are amazing will never go back to nothing else..had a great weekend of loving the bearings they are working beyond belief. Thanks again.

Jason Roueche


I finally got my bottom bracket changed over...went together like a charm. You'll probably be pleased to hear this: the mechanic spun it - with the chain on, no less - and said he's seen other bb's spin less with the chain OFF. So I think he was impressed with the bearings.

Darcy Brown


Just had a shimano bottom bracket and mavic wheels done and they fly!!
This is a genuine upgrade. It almost feels like im cheating!
Thanks again,
Andrew - Australia


I ordered 2 sets of skate bearings from you back in July. Good stuff! I just ordered 2 more sets.
Good luck!



What can I say? I've tried just about every ceramic brand available. From the cheap ones on ebay to the "USA" made bearings advertised everywhere and even tried the expensive brand from Denmark. None compared to the speed I got when I upgraded to F1!
John- CA.


Factory Cleaning Service: I wanted to drop you a note to express my gratitude for the superb customer service I received not just repacked bearings, but nearly all new parts! And they shipped the next day. After installing, with no chain on, the cranks once again spun like maniacs, and after a few hard rides, still feel great.

Thanks again for your great support,


"These are superior quality! Highly recommend! Don't hesitate, get these now!" Kenneth H


I recently decided to get some upgrades on my bike that I was told I should have as a competitive athlete. I made the switch and I am never going back. The product I want to rave about is the F1 Ceramic Bottom Bracket for Shimano 10 speed group-sets. Chris B


Shipped in minutes! On my 3rd build w/their products! Competitors feel grainy! Michael A


Fast Fast Fast. Great experience! Gene S


Excellent Item, Always The Best Service, Thank You! Donn B


I have F1 ceramic's in all my bikes! I have used F1 ceramic's for 2 years now and they are the best! Jefferson M